Satpal Kaler


Satpal Kaler is a writer, director and multimedia producer in Malaysia. Satpal has been working in the local film industry for the past six years across different levels; he freelanced as an assistant director, a video editor, and was a full-time development & production coordinator for Ideate Media. At Ideate Media, Satpal was involved in script consulting and project management for “Tombiruo:Penunggu Rimba”. The film became the 2nd highest-grossing local film in 2017. Currently, Satpal is a multimedia journalist with an international award-winning investigative journalism team, R.AGE, where he writes and produces documentary series revolving around Malaysia's current social events. He was the lead editor for “Student/Trafficked” series that exposed a human trafficking syndicate in Malaysia and produced the “Work In Progress” series that documents the lives of migrant workers in Malaysia. Satpal is a recurring producer for R.AGE's NEWSFLASH series, a weekly explainer on all things Malaysia. He also co-produced a retrospective documentary on Malaysia's first political death titled “Tech Beng Hock: The Last 10 Year” and recently completed a two-part mini series on urban poverty in Kuala Lumpur.


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