Jey Bala


Jey’s passion lies in sustainability ranging from events, sales to education. Prior to joining Me.reka as the Head of Education and Business and Program Development, he has experience in the corporate industry with companies such as Dell and HP as a trainer. He also has been heavily involved with developing modules and as an educator at NGO’s to teach English and IT in rural areas. As someone who is a strong advocate in sustainability especially in the practice of recycling and upcycling, a personal challenge he faces is the challenge in changing mindsets to be sustainable consumers. Jey currently develops curriculums and runs programs, events and workshops touching on a spectrum of content varying from sustainability, corporate trainings, social entrepreneurship, CSR initiatives, hackathons to accelerator programmes. As a certified HRDF trainer, Jey also conducts many train-the-trainer programmes. Jey very much enjoys teaching all ages and loves an audience to inspire and educate


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