Sparking National Civic Engagement

The 3 day bootcamp will bring 40 individuals to Kuala Lumpur and provide valuable tools, networks. resources and expertise in kick starting your civic engagement journey!


Passionate individuals will be able to apply in teams of four to attend specially curated civic engagement and leadership workshops. The workshops will be run by some of the pioneers in civic engagement to equip the young leaders with the know-how to launch their own civic engagement campaigns.


Five final teams will be chosen by the end of phase 2 to receive seed funding of RM 6,000 to help launch their campaigns.









Day 1

You come with a team but you leave as a family. The first day will focus on unifying the teams and making sure every member is aware of their roles and of the overall vision and mission. To be true civic leaders you will also be taught on the power structures at play in Malaysia and be given an understanding on one’s rights and responsibilities as a citizen. We will then venture into the minds of those facing the issues you aim to bring to light. Empathizing with the stakeholders will allow for innovation of unique solutions that help your community.

Day 2

The day 2 workshop will be all about campaign management! By the end of the day you will have the tools and knowledge needed in running an effective campaign. You will also learn the art of storytelling through relevant media agencies in Malaysia, and also gain insights on fundraising as a means to further your initiative. 

Media communication skills are vital in the 21st century. Research often dictates that a compelling story can prove to be more meaningful than the product a brand is trying to sell. By using communication tools such as Canva and other video editing softwares, you will learn how to market your campaign and bring it the attention it deserves.

Day 3

The last day will put what you have learned to the test as you will be required to tell us your campaign story through a 1 minute video. You will also be required to pitch for 3 minutes and tell us why you deserve the funding to continue with your initiative and make an international impact.

Application Guidelines

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  • All group members must be a citizen of a Southeast Asian country
  • Maximum number of team members is 4 and minimum number of team members is 2
  • All team members must be a YSEALI member (if not yet, apply here) and between the ages of 18 and 35 at the time of application 
  • Demonstrate strong leadership qualities and potential in their university, place of work, and/or community 
  • Be mature, responsible, independent, confident, open-minded, tolerant, thoughtful, and inquisitive 
  • Demonstrate interest, knowledge, or professional experience in the areas of Civic Engagement 
  • Demonstrate a commitment to or interest in community service, volunteerism, or mentorship 
  • Individuals from underserved communities, including indigenous groups, and people with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply
  •  Preference will be given to candidates from underserved communities and also to candidates with no previous YSEALI experience


1. What is YSEALI Boot camp 2020?


YSEALI (Young South-East Asian Leaders Initiative), in conjunction with Me.reka, Biji-biji and the US Embassy of Malaysia, aspires to incite new ideas and innovations in civic engagement. This 9-months initiative aims to empower a community of Young Leaders with the opportunities and necessary skills in becoming relevant and impactful civic participants within Malaysian.

2. Is this program only for Malaysian?


Yes, this program is open for all citizens of a Southeast Asian country.

3. What will the boot camp focus on?


This Civic Engagement Capacity-building program targets youths across Malaysia who are passionate about creating change, engaging with decision-makers, and are ready to participate and implement an effective advocacy and lobbying campaign. Some of the possible areas of advocacy are listed below, however individuals are encouraged to campaign for any topic of concern that they are passionate about. 

- Disability rights
- Gender equality
- Youth livelihoods and future skills
- Environmental issues
- Climate Action
- Psychosocial wellbeing
- Empowerment or social integration of marginalized youths (indigenous & rural youths, B40, refugee and other minorities)
- Other community-initiated, -led or -run initiatives that cover youth participation, youth empowerment, and youth protection

4. Why should I join this program?


The YSEALI program will equip you with valuable skills and necessary knowledge which will help you in beginning the journey of starting your own business. You will also learn life long skills to help market yourself and better present yourself as a valuable asset to any corporation. Plus, you will be meeting like-minded folks as well.

5. What is the commitment required to participate? How long do i have to participate?


This 3 days bootcamp program takes 3 days of your time where you will learn skills in advocacy, campaign management, media communication, impact assessment and leadership to bring positive changes on communities. Once selected, you will be paired up with one of our content partners for a 3 months mentorship program.

6. I don't live in KL, can I still come?


Yes! All Malaysian are welcome to apply, feel free to submit your application. You will have to find your own mode of transportation. 

7. Does the YSEALI Boot camp 2020 provide a cash prize?


Yes! The top 5 teams from phase 2 of the 2020 bootcamp will receive a grant of RM6,000 from YSEALI to help build their ideas into sustainable businesses.

8. Do I have to participate in the first bootcamp to win the grant?


Everyone will be given the chance to apply for the phase 2 application but by joining the phase 1 half-day boot camp, you will be equipped with valuable skills on how to start and implement your ideas as well as learning how to write grant proposals.

9. Do I get to pick my team members for the grant?


Yes! You have full control over who you want to be in your team. Your teammates do not have to be from the Boot Camp.

10. How do I apply?


Kindly apply at (website)

11. When can I apply?


Phase 2 application is open from the 2nd February to 20th March 2020.

12. What do I have to bring for the boot camp?


Bring yourself! And also, a notebook if you want to take notes during the bootcamp.

13. When and where will the 3 days boot camp be held?


From 10th of April 2020 to 12th of April 2020, and it will be held at ME.REKA in Publika.

14. Are there any application fees?


No it is completely free! Apply now! (website)