Fake News: How to Assess the Reliable from the Rumors

Week 3
Sep 21, 2020
12:00 am
11:59 pm

Program Information

The word fake news was officially added to the English Dictionary in 2017 as it became the word of the year. The second session by R.AGE serves as an extension to the topic of communications. Participants are provided with an understanding of how media can be manipulated to fit an alternative agenda. In the digital age, with the influx of content posted on the internet today, it has become increasingly difficult to know what your reading or seeing is accurate. The ability to consciously consume verified content is extremely valuable in the 21st century as it allows you to be well informed and educated on relevant matters. What does it mean when intentionally fabricated content is spread as fact? Why should we care about it? Ian Yee from R.AGE shares why this is an important element in your campaign and how to decipher fake news from actual news.

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